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Prepare for Labour:
Reflexology for Induction

Using reflexology to induce labour has been shown to be a highly effective technique to help your little one along the way. My Clapham reflexology treatments can help in many cases where your dute is coming up or may be slightly overdue. You can start having reflexology therapy from 37 weeks onwards. This will help to balance and prepare your body for labour.

Your Practitioner: About Me

With over 15 years of experience in holistic massage therapy and reflexology in Clapham, I have learned what works over a long career in the business. If you are coming up to your pregnancy due date, or the due date has passed, reflexology treatments can help to induce labour. I can consult with you on an individual level to come up with a bespoke treatment for your needs. I am also specially trained in preconception, pregnancy and postnatal reflexology.

Can Reflexology Bring on Labour?

Reflexology for labour is a natural, organic method to help the baby along the way when the due date is coming up or has passed. It also relieves stress and anxiety pre-labour, all of which can aid in bringing on a timely and natural labour. For a reflexology massage in London, I have the experience to provide a relaxing and therapeutic reflexology which can help to bring on labour.


Book an Appointment

Pregnancy is a beautiful and meaningful event in our lives. At my reflexology clinic in Clapham, I can help alleviate the worry and stress involved with pregnancy and help induce labour when the time is due. If you have any questions or to book a session, get in touch today.

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