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Targeting Stress: 60-Minute Reflexology Sessions
in Clapham

Most of us experience some extent of stress in our lives, but with reflexology treatments in Clapham you will feel relieved from stress. This unique massage therapy treatment works on reflex points on your feet to induce a state of deep calm elsewhere in the body, helping to relieve stress and physical tension all at once. Reflexology techniques help balance your body. 

Reflexology: How it Works

Reflexology is a specialised massage treatment which works particularly on the feet to rebalance well being in the whole body. In your feet, you have numerous reflex points to which I will apply precise pressure. With over 15 years of experience practicing reflexology treatments, as well as other forms of massage, I will come up with a tailored treatment based on your unique needs, at our convenient treatment room in Clapham Common.

Reflexology: The Benefits

Reflexology can help in a wide variety of ways and is most effective in alleviating stress. Stress is often very complex. It affects us physically as well as mentally. Reflexology treatments can trigger the body’s healing system by applying pressure to your feet. This will greatly improve your circulation and lymph flow, revitalising your whole well-being by boosting the immune system. Throughout multiple sessions, you will feel long-lasting results as stress is slowly eliminated from your day-to-day life.


Book an Appointment

If you have any questions about reflexology treatments in Clapham Common or the benefits of reflexology, get in touch today for expert advice. As an experienced practitioner, I can advise you on the treatment and how it works, and we can arrange your appointment for reflexology in London. Book online today. 

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