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Safe & Supportive Pregnancy Therapy: Pregnancy Reflexology in Clapham

Pregnancies are among the most exciting and meaningful events of our lives, yet the fact is that they can take a considerable toll on your body and health. Finding ways of managing the stress and physical imbalances during pregnancy can be hard, which is where my pregnancy reflexology treatments in London come in. I can help you both pre and postnatal to relieve the symptoms of pregnancy, as well as to induce overdue labour at my therapy room in Clapham.

Can You Have Reflexology During Pregnancy?

It’s very common to wonder if reflexology is safe to have while pregnant. As a trained practitioner with over 15 years of experience in pregnancy reflexology, I have treated many pregnant women over the years in a completely safe and responsible manner. If you are considering pregnancy reflexology in Clapham but have misgivings about the safety of the treatment, get in touch and I can address any concerns you may have. It is perfectly safe to have reflexology from 13 weeks onwards.

Pregnancy Related Issues: How Reflexology Can Help

Pregnancies can come with a lot of related symptoms. With a pregnancy reflexology in Clapham, I can help you alleviate the various mental and physical stresses of pregnancy both before and after labour. Reflexology applies pressure to various points on the feet which induces a state of deep relaxation in the rest of the body, helping also to alleviate hormonal imbalances that arise as a result of pregnancy. After labour, reflexology for pregnancy can help with recovery, relaxation, and calming the body.

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Book an Appointment

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment for pregnancy reflexology in Clapham, give me a call today and I can help you. With my experience and empathetic approach, I can help you with the stresses of pregnancy both before and after labour.

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